You can make your Logcat look way more cooler and easier to read by changing the colors .

Logcat My

Steps to change Android Studio Logcat:

Step 1 :

go to

File → Settings → Editor → Colors & Fonts → Android Logcat

Step 2 :

Click on Save As… 

Logcat Saveas

give your name and click OK

Step 3 :

Select the Log whose color you want to change
Suppose if  you want to change Info to green color


Select Info , uncheck Use inherited attributes

Select on foreground and change it to green

  Note : When you are picking color pull the right side slider to top to see colors

Step 4 :

Similarly select remaining types of logs and change its colors

The Colors which i use

Assert :           #7F0000    (Default)

Debug :          #91570A

Error:             #BB0000

Info:               #0D9724

Verbose:        #000000    (Default)

Warning :     #00007F       (Default)

I like to keep it simple so i did not change much colors , but you need not do the same , just play with all the colors for Foreground,Background , Error stripe mark and Effects ( try all the type of effects in the dropdown) . Use the colors which best suites for your theme .