As of today (2 july 2017)  android studio 3.0 is curry at canary 5 release , you can download latest version from here . As android studio 3.0 is currently in canary version you can run it along side with your stable version. You can find all the instructions how to do this over here.

You might be thinking , i have what ever i need to develop an app in android studio 2.3.3 then why go with android studio 3.0 ? Here are few new feature introduced in android studio 3.0 .

New Features in Android Studio 3.0

1.Kotlin Language support:-   Although you could previously add Kotlin support to Android Studio via a plugin, Android Studio 3.0 will have Kotlin support built in, making it even easier to start using Kotlin for Android development.


You can also choose to add Kotlin to your project using the built-in conversion tool found under Code → Convert Java File to Kotlin File


You can choose kotlin as source language while creating new activity


2.Java 8 Language features

Android Studio 3.0 introduces built-in support for Java 8 libraries and certain Java 8 language features. Jack is no longer required, and you should first disable Jack to use the improved Java 8 support built into the default toolchain .

  • Lambda expressions
  • Method References
  • Type Annotations
  • Default and static interface methods
  • Repeating annotations

3.Android Profiler

Android Monitor window is now replaced with the new Android Profiler

To open the Android Profiler :

  1. Click View > Tool Windows > Android Profiler (you can also click Android Profiler  in the toolbar).
  2. Select the device and app process you want to profile from the Android Profiler toolbar.


You can open a more detailed view of each profiler of NETWORKCPU, or MEMORY  by clicking on them

4.Instant Apps support

With Android Studio 3.0, you can create Instant Apps in your project. Instant Apps are lightweight Android apps that your users can immediately run without installation. To support this, Android Studio introduces two new module types: instant app and feature. Combined with a new “Modularize” refactoring action and the App Links Assistant, Android Studio can help you extend your app into an Instant App. To use you can use the New Module Wizard or right-click on a class and navigate to: Refactor → Modularize


5. Fonts  

Android Studio 3.0 Preview adds a handy feature that makes it even easier to browse for custom fonts and add them to your project . You can can also create a downloadable font resource for your app. Using downloadable fonts allows you to use a custom font in your app while avoiding the need to bundle in a font resource into your APK. To use downloadable fonts, ensure that you device or emulator is running Google Play Services v11.2.63 or higher



There are lot more things added in android studio 3.0 but these were my top 5. You can find the all new features over the google blog  and  google developer site also check out these videos

So are you going top use Android studio 3.0 ? Are your top 5 same as mine please comment down below.