GoogleIO 2017 Google announced Kotlin as an official language for Android development.There is also  android studio version 3.0 released with kotlin language support .

This does not mean Kotlin is going replace Java.You can still develop android app by using Java.With the feature that Kotlin language has you might want to rethink and start developing the apps with kotlin. Few top companies have already started using kotlin.

If you are still a beginner it might not be good to start developing with kotlin. There is a very little help for kotlin out there .Start learning Kotlin but develop apps in Java for now .

Why switch to Kotlin if Java is still supported for android app development?

Kotlin is the most recent and powerful language that overcome several problems suffered by Android developers using Java such as verbosity of source code and runtime exceptions and many others. It is very simple to get started and developers can also introduce it into existing projects. Kotlin comprises several superior features, simpler syntax and concepts from functional programming, it has many more enrichments compared to Java.

From reducing code to increasing development process and code readability, with several benefits, Kotlin is considered today as the new powerful language helps in streamlining Android App Development process. It enables Android Developers to deliver a quality Android App in a timely manner by accepting new challenges.

Following are the useful features and benefits of Kotlin to consider it as a powerful language that streamlines Android App Development:

  • It helps developers to make their app developing process faster as It requires  less coding compared to Java.
  • Kotlin is very easy to learn and more powerful.
  • Kotlin supports the open developer networks and the strength of open source makes the network strong which is not restricted to any single company.
  •  It helps developers to avoid errors. Its efficient compiler is specifically designed to auto-cast mistakes, in case you have checked a type as a right.

With the features this language has many developers will slowly tend to move towards kotlin . Newly created libraries might use kotlin language and you may not understand what to change if you don’t understand kotlin. So even if you don’t use kotlin you might still want to learn it as many developer will shift to kotlin and you will fall back .