The first thing which you want to do before starting the android development is to learn the programming language JAVA or latest language which is supported by android that is KOTLIN  to develop apps natively or learn  HTML5CSS and JavaScript for developing hybrid app

There are 2 ways to develop android app

  • Native
  • Hybrid

Native apps only supports 1 platform ( either Android or iOS or Windows) android but Hybrid app will be supported by all type of platform

Native applications have the best performance, highest security, and best user experience. hybrid-vs-native-apps-comparison-table-768x734

The best way to develop the android app is natively and that is what many companies want there app to be developed with.

Hybrid app must be done only when you have  a very short time and  a limited budget.

Continue reading if you choose native apps development if you want to develop hybrid app visit this link

So you chose native app , and you learnt programming language java or kotlin so what now ? You must be wondering how can some piece of  java code create android application .That all magic is done by the IDE (integrated development environment) and Official IDE of android is Android Studio.

At the starting when the android was launched the android apps were developed using eclipse ,the same software which many programmers use for running java code but later in 2014 google launched and made android studio as official IDE for android development. You can still use eclipse but you will face a lot of problems. You will find very less support , forced to deprecated code and libraries and some people might even laugh at you so go with android studio.

Some key features of android studio:

  • Gradle-based build system
  • Live-layout WYSIWYG Editor with real time app layout rendering
  • Option to preview a layout on multiple screen configurations while editing
  • Build variants and multiple apk file generation
  • Lint tools (used to catch usability, performance, version compatibility and other issues)
  • Supports developing Android Wear, TV and Auto apps
  • Enables app integration with Google Cloud Platform (App Engine and Google Cloud Messaging)